Brian K. GrahamReverend Dr. Brian K. Graham is the award winning author of Think, Believe, Receive, Bear and Butterfly, and The Lady Ashtar Story. He is also a  commercial actor, recording artist (In the Moment and Think, Believe, Receive meditation CD’s, the audio version of Think Believe Receive).His 40 plus years as a public speaker on radio, television and as a master of ceremonies, combined with his decade’s long spiritual evolution and study of the human condition, come together perfectly as the basis for Brian’s self-empowerment and leadership programs. As varied as Brian’s current occupations is his work history, which has included over 25 different job fields, including decorated Vietnam Veteran.

This range of experience provides him with an outlook few who have been more focused in their resume can rival. Even in his private life Brian has a wide variety of interests including serving on the All American Soap Box Derby as a Rally Commissioner and Regional Director for over two decades as well as serving his community on boards and commissions.   Reverend Brian has earned a doctorate in both Religious Studies and Doctor of Divinity. Most importantly he is father to six children, and grandfather to eleven. 

Brian Graham

All American Soapbox Derby Commissioner and Regional Director

The field of self-empowerment is one which comes naturally to Dr. Graham, because each and every one of his past occupations and avocation changes has demanded someone who could take the “long view” of the situation: not getting stuck in limitation and old thinking.

Brian’s experience, training and life has been brought together in the book Think, Believe, Receive, Three Steps to an Amazing Life, and the accompanying  workshop. Melding centuries-old teachings, the best in self-improvement techniques, and a common sense approach to interpersonal relationships, Brian K. Graham invites you to open to possibility, open to your personal power, and open to an Amazing Life.

Think Believe Receive

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