Get Off the Love Merry Go Round

Get Off The Love Merry-Go-Round

This is a seminar for you, and anyone who has ever been in love. Much has been said about Love, maybe too much! This is your opportunity to really discover what love is for you, how to find that magical feeling, how to avoid the usual traps in finding the “right one”. Come explore your own truths about the Love Merry-Go-Round. How to find that special someone without the internet. How to safely “Get Back in The Game” after a break-up. How to know you are on the right track every time! How to enhance your current relationships with everyone in your life, husband, wife, family children, neighbors, EVERYONE!

Come join us for what may be the most illuminating event you have ever attended. No hocus pocus, no sleight of hand, simply tools you can work with to help create the Love-Life you have wanted all along.

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